Debbie Wilson

Author of the faith-based, true crime book, "Sweet Scent of Justice" and The Memoir of A Miracle "Even in the Valley"

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 At the studio in New York with Paula Zahn before filming "On the Case With Paula Zahn"

Episode - "The Long Journey to Justice"


Sweet Scent of Justice - About the Book

At the age of seventeen, Debbie Wilson's life forever changed. Her sister Kathy, a sophomore in college, was brutally killed. The murder of her sister brought Wilson’s whole world crashing down around her. Twenty-two years later, as an adult, Wilson found God leading her down the road of her past to help put the pieces of Kathy’s unsolved murder mystery together to help bring her killer to justice. Wilson could never have imagined that opening up the past would lead her on such an amazing journey of faith, justice, and forgiveness.

Sweet Scent of Justice portrays the miraculous ways God works in the lives of His children. It offers hope and encouragement for those experiencing trials and tribulations in their lives. Wilson’s personal tragedy strengthened her faith and belief in Christ, and it will strengthen yours too.

Even in the Valley - About the Book

Premonitions - we've all had them - that inner voice telling us something our minds could not know by natural means. Some call it intuition, others a supernatural knowledge. Based on a premonition, Debbie Wilson reopened her sister's 20-year old cold murder case and found the real killer. Four years after closing the case, another premonition came upon Debbie even stronger than the previous one. This one led her to believe that she would die within a year. With her cancer diagnosis and a family history of death to the disease, it seemed like her voice of doom was preparing Debbie for her inevitable end of life. But did this voice seek truth and justice like the previous one had or hopelessness? Whose voice did Debbie hear and was it really true?

 Even in the Valley is Debbie's journey into a warfare of two conflicting desires - death from the voice in her mind and healing from her spirit. Which would win?


Sweet Scent of Justice and Even in the Valley are available now at or       Available on Kindle too!       


About the author

Debbie Wilson has been an educator for almost 30 years.  She and her husband, Todd, have two beautiful daughters, Brittany and Katelyn



Article about Sweet Scent of Justice (click on Book Review)

My family appeared on the show "On the Case with Paula Zahn" on March 10, 2013. The episode is called "The Long Journey to Justice," and the story line is based on my book, Sweet Scent of Justice.

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