Debbie Wilson

Author of the faith-based, true crime book, "Sweet Scent of Justice" and The Memoir of A Miracle "Even in the Valley"


Frequent Questions

  1. Why did you write your book?

    Several years after the final events in my book took place, I began to feel God's calling to tell my story. I'm a very private person, so this was a calling I tried to ignore for some time. I knew I would have to write about some of my most private thoughts and feelings, and I just didn't know if I could do that. I was also scared to death to write a book, because that's not something I had ever aspired to do! When I finally gave in to His call, He began giving me the words to write. It was therapy for me, and I am praying someone will be touched by reading Sweet Scent of Justice.

  2. How long did it take you to write the book?

    The first few chapters took forever! Well, not really. Those were definitely the hardest chapters to write though, because I had to relive some very difficult memories.The entire book took about three years to write. 

  3. How do you know God wanted you to tell your story?

    That's an easy question to answer! He wouldn't let me rest until I placed that final punctuation mark on the final sentence in the book. At night I would pray for God to give me the words to say, because sometimes the words just wouldn't come to me. I kept a pen and notepad beside my bed, and time after time, I would wake up in the middle of the night with just the right words. God is so good, and He gave me strength to complete the task He asked me to do.

  4. What is your favorite scripture verse?

    I have many, but I love the scripture in Mark 5:25-34.  A few years ago, my doctor and several doctors from M.D. Anderson diagnosed me with kidney cancer. I had my right kidney removed, and miraculously it was NOT a malignant tumor. For several weeks while I waited on the pathology report, I read that scripture over and over, and I prayed that I would have the same faith that the woman in scripture had. God gave me a peace about it, and the doctors were shocked when the reports showed no cancer. I wasn't shocked at all, but I was VERY thankful!  I could write another book about that whole experience!

  5. How can I have faith in God?

    There IS a God in Heaven and He loves you as you are.  God's love is unconditional, and it is a gift for everyone who is willing to receive it. If you are willing to admit that you are a sinner and believe that He died to save you from your sins, you can receive the free gift of salvation.  You just need to call upon the name of the Lord, repent of your sins, and have faith that He will save you. Then you can experience His love and forgiveness.  

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